Tengen announced its official business alliance with the European giant, ROYCE TECH.

Tengen and Royce Tech announced a business alliance, jointly committed to promoting technological innovation and business development. As leading global technology enterprises, Tengen and Royce Tech will explore market opportunities, share resources and experiences, and strengthen their partnership to build a solid cooperation framework.

This business alliance will bring more international development opportunities for Tengen and Royce Tech. Both parties will expand their presence in overseas markets, broaden their business scope, and reach a wider customer base. Tengen, as a technical expert in artificial intelligence and big data, will provide strong support for Royce Tech’s internationalization strategy. On the other hand, Royce Tech’s global sales network and channel advantages will provide essential support for Tengen in expanding overseas markets.

This business alliance will not only drive the growth of both parties’ businesses but also bring new vitality to the entire industry. The collaboration between Tengen and Royce Tech will be complementary and mutually beneficial, jointly promoting technological innovation and progress. Both parties will actively explore new business models and market opportunities to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

In the future, Tengen and Royce Tech will continue to deepen their cooperation and pursue the goals of technological innovation and business development. Through sharing resources and experiences, both parties will continuously expand into new fields and markets, creating greater value and competitive advantages for customers. This business alliance will provide broader development space for both parties and actively contribute to the progress and prosperity of the industry.

The business alliance between Tengen and Royce Tech has attracted widespread attention, and the industry is filled with anticipation for their future cooperation. This alliance will set a new paradigm for technological innovation and business collaboration, playing a positive demonstration role in driving the development and progress of the industry. We look forward to the outcomes of their collaboration and believe that this business alliance will bring us more surprises and successes.