We operate efficiently and strive for excellent results. We continuously generate creativity and break through conventions. With insights and flexible thinking, we provide original solutions. We respond quickly to customer needs and deliver high-quality outcomes. Efficiency and creativity drive us to exceed expectations and create unique value.

Tony Lin

Product Director, Advertising Business Department

More efficient. More faster.

More possibilities.

We are committed to providing solutions that are more efficient, faster, and offer greater possibilities. By combining advanced technology with innovative thinking, we constantly explore new methods and tools to enhance work efficiency and effectiveness. We not only emphasize speed and efficiency but also prioritize quality and sustainability. We believe that through more efficient workflows and quicker response capabilities, we can create more opportunities and potential for our clients, achieving shared success and growth.

What other services do we offer?

We are committed to providing an excellent service experience. With a customer-centric approach, we fully dedicate ourselves and listen to your needs. Our professional team brings extensive experience and wide-ranging knowledge to deliver customized solutions for our clients. We pay attention to detail, ensuring the quality and timely delivery of each project. We uphold principles of integrity and transparency, aiming to build long-term partnerships with our clients. Continual improvement and innovation drive us to surpass customer expectations. Our goal is to provide high-quality services that help our clients achieve success and drive business growth.

Intermediary for Telecommunications Sales and Information Provision

Connecting buyers and sellers through an efficient platform and comprehensive services, providing a secure and convenient trading environment. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer accurate product information and personalized shopping experiences for our customers. We continuously optimize our services, aiming to achieve customer satisfaction and help businesses seize more opportunities in the internet era.

Import and Export of Electronic Components and Precision Instruments

Through an extensive supply network and abundant industry resources, we provide our customers with high-quality product options and flexible procurement solutions. We work closely with domestic and international suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of our products. We are committed to meeting our customers' needs by providing reliable electronic components and precision instrument solutions, empowering their business growth.

Production and Advertising Agency for Advertising and Promotion Campaigns

We have a creative and talented team with professional production capabilities, providing innovative and captivating advertising solutions for our clients. We maintain close cooperation with media outlets and advertising platforms to ensure effective communication and promotion of advertisements. Our commitment is to help clients enhance their brand image, expand market influence, and provide comprehensive advertising services to achieve their business goals.

Business and Investment Consulting Services

With our extensive industry experience and professional knowledge, we provide comprehensive consulting services to our clients. We assist them in strategic planning, evaluating investment projects, providing market analysis, and offering risk management advice. Our commitment is to deliver efficient and feasible solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives and attain sustainable growth.

Buying, selling, holding, and managing stocks and other assets

Tengen specializes in the buying, selling, holding, and management of stocks and other assets. Through in-depth research and market insights, we provide comprehensive investment advisory and asset management services to our clients. We are committed to helping clients develop personalized investment strategies, optimize asset portfolios, and maximize investment returns. We closely monitor market dynamics, make timely adjustments to investment portfolios, and offer professional advice to assist clients in making informed investment decisions.

E-commerce trade-related services

We provide comprehensive solutions for e-commerce trade-related businesses. We establish close partnerships with suppliers to offer high-quality products and services. Through online platforms and digital technologies, we create convenient shopping experiences for customers, enabling fast and secure transactions. Our commitment lies in fostering global trade cooperation, expanding market channels, and assisting clients in achieving business growth and improving market competitiveness.

Market research and analysis of various information collection.

Providing clients with accurate and comprehensive market insights and business intelligence. Through various data collection methods and analytical tools, we gain in-depth understanding of market trends, competitive environment, and consumer demands, assisting clients in making strategic decisions and marketing strategies. Our professional team possesses extensive research experience and data analysis capabilities, offering valuable insights and recommendations to clients, empowering them to succeed in a competitive market.

Planning, Development, and Design of Character Merchandise

By conducting market research and gaining consumer insights, we grasp the trends and integrate character images into creative designs to create emotionally resonating merchandise. At Tengen, we have a team of highly creative and knowledgeable professionals who are familiar with industry requirements and consumer preferences. We pay attention to detail and quality, striving for excellence to deliver unique and fashionable character merchandise that meets market demands and enhances brand value.

Import and Export of Rare Metals

Tengen specializes in the import and export of rare metals. We have extensive global resources and networks, allowing us to accurately identify market trends and supply-demand situations. We collaborate with reputable suppliers to ensure the quality and stable supply of rare metals. Additionally, we establish close partnerships with customers worldwide, meeting their needs and providing competitive prices. We are committed to being a trusted partner in the field of rare metals.

The best reasons to choose us

We have extensive experience and profound expertise, allowing us to provide customized solutions to our clients. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, striving to deliver exceptional products and services. We work closely with our clients, understanding their needs and providing flexible and innovative solutions. By choosing us, you can enjoy the assurance of high quality, reliability, and excellent performance.

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Park Joon-young

Collaboration Project: Import and Export of Rare Metals


We would like to express our gratitude to Tengen for providing us with excellent import and export services for rare metals. With their professional team and efficient operations, they have helped us successfully complete the transactions. Their understanding of the market and accurate predictions have allowed us to achieve favorable returns. We are highly satisfied with their services and look forward to continued collaboration.

Sato Masako

Collaboration Project: Computer Program Production and Development


We appreciate Tengen for providing us with excellent computer program production and development services. Their team is professional and creative, delivering high-quality program solutions that meet our needs. Their efficient workflow and timely communication have ensured a smooth project execution. We are highly satisfied with their services and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Wang Rong

Collaboration Project: Consulting Services for Business Operations and Investments


Tengen has provided us with professional consulting services for business operations and investments. Their expertise and comprehensive analysis have helped us make informed decisions and improve our investment returns. Their advice and guidance have played a significant role in driving our business development. We are highly satisfied with their services and look forward to future collaborations.

Let's together create a brand new business collaboration model.

Tengen, with its innovative thinking and flexible strategies, helps each other explore new business opportunities and achieve win-win outcomes. Tengen’s professional team will work closely with you to seek innovative business solutions, bringing new value and opportunities to the market.

Providing professional management tools.

Efficient and professional management tools, helping you effortlessly manage business processes, improve work efficiency, and achieve goals.

Passionate R&D team at Tengen, full of enthusiasm.

Passionate R&D team at Tengen, pursuing innovation, continuously pushing boundaries, bringing you excellent products and solutions.

Genuine understanding of customer needs at Tengen.

Deep understanding of customer needs, precise interpretation, and providing customized solutions for clients.


Looking forward to collaborating with you

Our Team Atmosphere

Tengen’s team has a strong sense of cohesion, supporting and collaborating with each other. We share creativity and encourage personal growth. The atmosphere is harmonious and friendly, fostering the unleashing of everyone’s potential. We collectively strive for excellence and work towards achieving our goals.

Members from the East and West work joyfully together

Diverse culture, harmonious team. Respect and inclusiveness foster understanding. Sharing values, learning from each other. Working in harmony, creating shared success.

An environment where open communication is encouraged.

Free and open, unconstrained. Mutual communication, peaceful discussions. Genuine dialogue, collective growth. Open-mindedness, fostering harmony.

Providing professional and passionate customer service.

We are committed to exceeding expectations and wholeheartedly addressing our customers' needs. We pay attention to details and provide high-quality service to earn our customers' trust and satisfaction.

Do you have any business ideas or collaboration intentions?

We eagerly look forward to establishing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with you. As a company dedicated to innovation and development, we welcome you to join our team and explore new business opportunities, expand markets, and achieve mutual success through collaboration.

Tengen is a globally renowned technology company, specializing in innovative technologies and internet services. With a customer-centric approach, we strive for product quality and user experience. Our company has extensive experience and excellent technical expertise, growing together with our partners to provide high-quality services to our users. We are committed to becoming a leader and driver in the field of technology.